Perennial Nursery in Switzerland

Natural water for healthy plants and herbs in the perennial nursery Eulenhof in Möhlin, Switzerland

Plant growth depends on the availability of nutrients in biologic processes, on physical and chemical properties of the soil, and on water quality. The less pollutants in water the better is the health and the yield of plants. Therefore we decided to start this new project in order to demonstrate the positive effect of natural water for plants by the use of Acqua 1, and to record the experiences in regard to the plant growth in cooperation with Mr. Konrad Hilpert, owner of the perennial nursery Eulenhof.

Mr. Konrad Hilpert is perennial and landscape gardener and operates the perennial nursery Eulenhof in Möhlin, in Switzerland, which grows the organic perennials according to the bud certification. The nursing of young plants is made with own organic seeds. The nursery has a very wide range of perennials and Mr. Konrad Hilpert is also establishing an assortment of historic plants.

The solar technology Acqua 1 is installed on a transparent pipe. The cluster structures in the water are reorganized by the effect of the electromagnetic waves of daylight. Acqua 1 solar technology activates the biological detoxification ability of water and eliminates pollutants. As a result the water has now the characteristics of natural water with an enhanced bioavailability. The plants can better absorb the nutrients of the organic soil.

The following properties of the plants are thereby supported:

  • The root system of plants is better cultivated.
  • Better germinating power of seeds.
  • The flowers bear more blossoms; Fruits and vegetables have a higher yield.
  • Lower fungal infestation in germination and plants.

Konrad Hilpert's experiences and impressions with Acqua1:

Impressions of the summer 2013:

October 2012:

Indian summer in the Eulenhof nursery. The ornamentals have reached their visual peak in October – they give the nursery charming accents with goldish yellow and red fronds. Besides of the typical autumn plants like asters or Japanese anemones, for example also the native wild perennials are attracting attention since they are blooming for the third time, which is very unusual. Also butterflies have never visited the nursery so numerous, like the Red Admiral and the Peacock butterfly.

July 2012:

The abundant flower formation of all different kind of plants is apparent since spring time. Lately, we enjoy besides bergamot, purple cornflower and garden phlox, also daylilies with their bright colors, which formed particularly plenty of blossom buds. The fauna of the nursery is enriched by some species. Water frogs provide for concert tuning. Along with bees, humble-bees and Co. visited us recently also Orange Tips, hedgehogs, and this week a European Mantis (Mantis religiosa). Part of the ritually pouring in the morning is also a blackbird couple which help themselves to the dripping water drops.

May/June 2012:

The weather was rather changeable. The plants had to be poured less. The irises stood out this spring. They are blooming extraordinary intense. Also, the houseleeks (Sempervivum) are particularly beautiful.

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