Health effects of water

Water is vital. Most of us are not aware of the crucial role that water plays: Water is virtually in all of our organs and plays a role in every body function. Water does more than just keep us alive. It affects the health, fitness and even the look. Blood consists of 92% water, bones of 22%, brain and muscles of 75%.

Clean spring water has the following tasks:

  1. Water is the main component of every cell.
  2. As a major constituent of the blood and lymph system water is responsible for the supply of cells with nutrients and oxygen and to remove waste products.
  3. Water helps to keep the blood levels constant and thus preserves the energy in the body.
  4. Water flushes the kidneys to remove toxins.
  5. Water helps to stabilize the electrolyte balance of the blood pressure.
  6. Water helps to moisten the eyes, mouth and nasal passages.
  7. Water regulates body temperature and protects against cold.
  8. Water acts as a shock absorber to protect the organs.
  9. Water keeps the joints smooth and is a component of blood, sweat, tears and saliva.
  10. Water provides a variety of trace elements needed by the body.
  11. Water ensures that more calories will be burned during daily activities.
  12. Water can prevent stomach ace, which can be caused by taking concentrated medicine.
  13. Water controls the removal of excess sodium that would otherwise lead to a water accumulation in the body.

Studies have shown that increased water intake reduces the susceptibility for the following ailments: colds, constipation, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder cancer.

Dehydration occurs when there is too little water in the body or no access to clean water without minerals. The intake of denatured water is a serious deficiency symptom.

At 1% below the normal condition people feel a strong thirst.

At 5% there is a slight fever.

At 10% the person is blue and cannot walk!

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