Water is our livelihood i.e. for all organisms as well as a resource for many industry processes. Water has been and will always be our central importance. The permanent increase of population, the climate change and the progressive international industrialization are aligned with a constant shortage of water.

Methods for extraction and purification of water are key technologies that are discovered by man since ancient times and continue to be developed, such as the construction of wells, cisterns and water storage up to the state-of-the-art water treatment systems and water supply systems in developed countries. As a result of new scientific findings, new materials and new production processes and due to changes in market demand additional procedures for treatment of wastewater have been developed. Today we know complex mechanical, chemical and biological processes for water and wastewater treatment.

Even for the first cultural societies the processing and preserving of water were already of great importance. Building on scientific processes and with the help of simple tools people in ancient times were able to significantly improve the water quality and to store water over a longer period of time without a loss of quality.

Marianne Martinelli comes from a five-centuries-old family of entrepreneurs. Her grandfathers were recognized churches and castle builders for centuries in Europe. Their personal records are partly still intact and cover questions of contemporary architecture and also deal with practical challenges such as water production, water treatment and water storage.

Based on these documents Marianne Martinelli has begun to intensively deal with age-old scientific principles and practical applications of earlier generations and the current knowledge of science. The question that continuously came up was: "How did the people do it in the past?". It was customary to take examples from nature, also in the architecture.

The mathematical properties are found in nature and already back in ancient Greece the golden section, and later the Fibonacci numbers were involved everywhere. For example, in nature the arrangement of leaves and inflorescences have the ratio of the golden section. Also the forms of cabbage stood as a model for the calculation over a heptagon to a double spiral (see pictures below). Marianne Matinelli has internalised this old way of thinking of copying something from nature and bringing it down to paper and used it in combination with today's scientific knowledge to develop the technology Acqua 1.

Reference: Robert Vincent, Géometrie du nombre d'or, Chalagam Edition, Marseille 2001, ISBN 2-9508001-4-9

The solar technology Acqua 1 is the result of this many years of research, where conventional thought processes and structures as well as in society anchored views were continuously critically assessed. These benefits and its basic use of treatment and storage of water have been developed out of an inexhaustible desire for renewal, improvement and optimization of established states.

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