Orphanage in Tanjung, Indonesia

Rainwater Re-harvesting and Preservation in Indonesia

In cooperation with The GoodWater Company, Singapore, Acqua 1 was used in an orphanage in Indonesia to produce and store clean water from the rain. By using the eco-friendly products of The GoodWater Company rainwater is filtered and purified to remove bacteria and contaminates. The clean water is stored in water dispensers of 20 liters each, and Acqua 1 was stuck on the water dispensers. In this way the water can be preserved long-term and the water quality can be improved. Thanks to the unique combination of Acqua 1 and the products of The GoodWater Company the whole process can be realized without any electricity. The orphanage and the 15 orphan children living there enjoy the fresh and better tasting water - also after storing the water for several days or weeks. More information on the project you will find here.

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