Statement from Prof. Dr. Gebelein to the investigation by Hagalis

Translated from the German original statement:

You asked about the method of crystallization Hagalis. All I can say at present the following. If the method of Hagalis is applied, the results are reproducible. Meanwhile, there are some licensees who use this method and get the same results as the Hagalis as comparisons have shown.

It seems that aqueous systems lead to different crystallization depending on the ingredients. An explanation that could satisfy the scientists has still not been found. But it is the task of science to find explanations for phenomena that are reproducible. Unfortunately we have not the means to carry out a major study to do so. So for the time being it should be noted that the phenomena that are claimed will be checked in further experiments by various licensees so that a study for its explanation will soon be possible.

It is known that aqueous systems are very complicated. I refer to the literature on the question of memory of water, on the book by Resch, Gerhard and Viktor Gutmann: Scientific Basis of Homeopathy, Mountain on Lake Starnberg, 1987 and Trincher, Karl: The laws of biological thermodynamics, Vienna, 1981, in which questions of aqueous systems are discussed. In this direction, it would certainly be interesting to investigate further.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Gebelein
Institut für Didaktik der Chemie
Justus Liebig-Universität
Heinrich Buff-Ring 58
32392 Giessen

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