Uniqueness of Acqua1

Acqua 1 Solar Technology offers the following advantages:

  • Water purification and water storage with Acqua 1 requires no power sources, e.g. electricity, oil or wood, with the exception of daylight.
  • Acqua 1 causes no environmental pollution.
  • The chip is UV-resistant, almost wear-free and has a long service life.
  • All materials are recyclable, odorless and friendly to the skin.
  • Acqua 1 does not require the use of additional chemicals for water purification and water storage.
  • The water’s ability to biodegrade pollutants and pollutant information in the cluster structures is significantly improved by Acqua 1.
  • The detoxification ability of water is reactivated by Acqua 1.
  • Water remains fresh in the long term with Acqua 1.
  • Acqua 1 makes the minerals and trace elements in the water more available for absorption by organisms (increased bioavailability).
  • Acqua 1 prevents the process of water denaturization.
  • Acqua 1 reduces the risk of calcification in appliances or pipe system, for example.
  • Acqua 1 functions temperature-independent in liquid water.
  • The purification process causes no water losses in a transparent, closed vessel.
  • The film layers of the chip are flexible and can be adapted to various surfaces and surface structures.
  • Acqua 1 requires very little maintenance or repairs.
  • Acqua 1 is transportable without any aid and can be used anywhere without extensive infrastructure.
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