Vitalization of Water

The solar technology for water purification and storage

  • The basic structure of water molecules are reproduced and corresponds to natural water quality.
  • The ability of water to biodegrade pollutants can be greatly improved.
  • The detoxification ability of water is optimized.
  • The oxygen content in water is increased.
  • Water is preserved by the sustained absorption of daylight. As long as Acqua 1 is attached to the transparent vessel, the water in it remains fresh.
  • Minerals and trace elements contained in fresh water become more easily available for absorption by organisms (enhanced bioavailability).
  • Minerals added after seawater desalination are available for absorption by organisms. Bioavailability is equivalent to that of fresh water.
  • The process of denaturization is suppressed. Proteins remain available in the water.
  • The risk of calcification, e.g. in appliances and pipe systems, caused by water is perceptibly reduced.

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