Comparative Study: Water quality

Summary: Sample: Martinelli GmbH, Water Sample: Acqua1

The application of the device Acqua 1 of the company Martinelli GmbH on the tap water of Bottighofen shows a positive effect on the biological water quality. The treated sample versus the reference sample shows much better results. The water quality could be increased significantly through the use of the device. The technical water quality in terms of calcification risk could also be slightly improved. Similarly, a neutralization of the pollutant information has taken place, which was present in the neutral sample. The energy balance of the sample has been increased significantly. Such a sophisticated energy balance in the reference sample was not available, so here is a clear positive effect of the device visible. The total sample is located at the upper field of the grading scheme.

We evaluate the device with 1.9 and the mark good. It has thus been improved by 1.2 grade points, which is definitely recommended for the consumer.

The complete analysis report can be requested!

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