Drink1 - Give1

How it works

Acqua1 Solar Technology purifies water by sunrays enhancing the biodegradation of pollutants and pollutant information. The natural detoxification process in water is restored. The pollutant residues are broken up and deposited on the bottom.

Drink1-Give1 bottle

How to use

100% active mineral water, natural conservation and bioavailability

Step 1

Clean and disinfect the bottle and return it to the collecting point. Can be reused multiples times. Thereby people get access to save drinking water and can improve their health in the long term.

Step 2

Wash with soap the DRINK1-GIVE1 Bottle.

Step 3

Fill the bottle with clear water and seal tightly. Filter turbid water. Shake the bottle several times. Turbidity of the water reduces the effectiveness of UV-radiation to kills diarrhea-causing pathogens.

Step 4

Place the bottle with Acqua 1 on the front side in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours. Cloudiness of lengthy periods of rain affects the strength of solar radiation and thus also the effectiveness of the method.

Step 5

The water has been disinfected and can be drunk. The treated water can be stored in the bottle.

Step 6

Donate the empty bottle and spread the word!

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