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Acqua 1 Solar Technology stems from many years of research work by Martinelli GmbH. This water purification and storage technology is based on a chip that consists of a two-color, softener free, polypropylene rigid film, an incorporated transparent 8-layer Euclidean vector space (see Euclidean space) with a scalar point and lines of various colors.

The film layers and the Euclidean vector space are flexible and can be adapted to various surfaces and surface structures. The number of chips used is dependent on the volume of water to be treated. This allows Acqua 1 Solar Technology to be modified to a wide variety of customer applications.

  • Purify contaminated drinking water or improve the quality of drinking water from the tap, aquifers or wells.
  • Long-term storage of drinking water.
  • Improve biological water quality and support the mineralization of water in seawater desalination systems.
  • Treat process water in industrial processes (reuse in closed circuits or return to nature in compliance with standards).
  • In combination with membrane filters (carbon filters): removal of contamination by bacteria and viruses.

  • The technology functions are based on the latest scientific knowledge. The chip splits the impinging daylight like a prism. The electromagnetic waves of light then impinge onto the surface of the water at approx. 580 nm and modify its molecules and crystalline structures (see Fraunhofer lines). This allows water to regain its original cluster structures. The oxygen content in the water is increased by approx. 30%. The chip functions when water is in its fluid aggregate state, irrespective of its temperature. It does not come into contact with the water during the whole process.

    Acqua 1 Solar Technology greatly improves and optimizes the biodegradation of pollutants and pollutant information in the cluster structures. The natural detoxification process in water is restored.

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