Bioenergetic Blood Diagnosis and foreign matter free Diagnose over the Meridian-endpoints, ET SANUTEC

Test studies of 4 subjects

Blood and the meridian- and acupuncture-endpoints of different subjects were studied. For the study, each subject had to drink a glass of water which was treated with Acqua 1.

In each case, an examination of the blood directly before the intake of water was carried out and comparison examinations at specific time intervals after. The results on the effect of Acqua 1 on the blood and meridian- and acupuncture- endpoints of four subjects can be requested. (Only available in German)

The two methods

The foreign power diagnosis over the meridian- and acupuncture- endpoints in nano amperes was developed by ET SANUTEC ® in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. This measurement uses the proven, centuries-old knowledge of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).With the results of this analysis, we obtain evidence of possible functional organ disorders, health problems and possible deficiencies.

The bio photon resonance spectroscopy of the bioenergetic blood diagnose which goes back to the physicist F.A. Popp, shows evidence of possible functional organ disorders and health problems in the blood while enabling diagnostic and therapeutic conclusions.

In the studies both test methods were used to compare and verify the results.

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